The best Clash Royale Survival Tricks

The Baule Legendary is a priceless chest, get it means to secure a free Legendary card, without having to constantly open trunks or unlock in multiplayer or in tournaments . Around this trunk there is a real faith that takes players to seek more information or details to be able to track him down: This guide will explain all the details, tricks, glitches on Baule legendary .

Baule Legendary Clash Royale : Tips and Frequently Asked Questions

Many of these are the most frequent questions that almost every day we devote to the group Clash Royale Italian Fan , the fan page Clash Royale Italy or in our forum. We try to give everyone a definite answer explaining where possible link back to the specific guide. We will start from the most simple to the most sophisticated.

Frequently asked questions about the legendary trunk clash royale

Should you have other questions to ask, you can do so in the comments below and we will collect and add in this article on the Baule Legendary tricks .

How long does the opening of a Baule Legendary

The Baule Legendary has two different opening times that change based on the factors involved:

  • When it is obtained through multiplayer mode it requires 1 day of time;
  • When it is obtained through the special offers of the game in the store opening is immediate.

How many cards unlocks the Legendary Baule?

One, it is a Legendary card, any card in the game. You may also unlock a Legendary card present in Arenas highest of your present.

How do you get Baule Legendary?

There are almost three roads to get the legendary Baule:

  • Unlock at random (following the cycle, which more below illustrate) in multiplayer mode;
  • By purchasing the ‘ special offer arena 9 present in only once per player Store (once bought once will never appear more).
  • By purchasing the Baule Legendary for 500 gems in one time per player Shop: on this see the guide  Baule Legendary 500 gems: when he appears?

special offer clash royale-min

There is a cycle for Baule Legendary?

We assume that in each  cycle or sequence trunks , consisting of 241 total trunks and  you can find updated and complete the link , include only the trunks:

  • Silver,
  • Gold,
  • Giant,
  • Magical.

All others, namely:

  • Baule magical super,
  • Baule Epic,
  • Legendary Baule

Are completely random chests, are unknowns that appear in one or more cycles at any point, meaning that you may see an epic trunk after the fifth trunk, as it could after the 200th. E ‘completely random!

The issue has been confirmed in this English topic in the official forum Supercell , which illustrates how everyone has obtained before and after completely different trunks from other players.

Criteria of appearance of Baule in Legendary trunks cycle

On the basis of this, however, we can give you a treat: we can confirm that the Baule Legendary follows two criteria of appearance than the Epic Baule and that magical Super:

  • If you are in Arena Legendary  appears once for each complete cycle (ie one every 241 trunks)
  • If you are in Arena 8 or less  appears once every two complete cycles (ie one every 482 trunks).

You can read the guide in Italian illustrating these statements at the following link:  clash royale hack

Glitch Baule Legendary

According to rumors, it seems that following this sequence unlocks a Baule Legendary within the game, seem to rumors, but I’ll show you:

  • Get a Baule Magic, but do not open it before you fill all three of the other slot;
  • Open the Baule Magic;
  • Open 11 silver trunks;
  • Open 2 Chests of gold;
  • Wait at least 24 hours before doing something about Royale Clash;
  • Open 2 Trunks tribute;
  • Post a Baule Silver;
  • Win a battle and get a Baule will be the Legendary Baule.

We believe very little to these “However chatter”, you could try and see if it works.

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The best of fifa 17 coin generator – Free Tricks and Tips

Together with FIFA 17 comes the new version of FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT 17 ), one of the most popular mode of the football game from Electronic Arts. After having revealed the tricks of FIFA 17 , now is the time to devote to FUT, showing you the main features of this mode and the right strategies to gain credit and improve their team. in FIFA Ultimate Team 17 players will have to create your own team, attigendo the rich database of FIFA 17 , in order to participate in tournaments and earn credits FUT to spend to further improve their team. A variant “mangeriale” FIFA that in recent years has been a huge success, becoming increasingly popular among the players.

In FIFA 17 Ultimate Team players are represented in the form of cards, divided into gold cards, Silver and Bronze, in turn categorized as cards Base and Rare cards. You can buy new cards with credits, obtainable by making loans, transfers or by selling their athletes, or even playing and winning games and tournaments. A good way to earn new credits is certainly to participate in the FUT tournaments and weekly challenges offered by Electronic Arts. It ‘good to clarify that at the end of each game (won or lost) will receive the credits, depending on the performance of its players and the overall performance of the team. Challenges Coach also allow you to receive new packages FUT, for it will be sufficient to establish a good relationship with the team and athletes, trying to satisfy the demands of all players. The first thing to do is create your own training by selecting eleven holders and seven reserves, initially you will have a number of cards and variable FUT packages according to the edition you purchased. Versions Standard, Deluxe and Super Deluxe indeed offer a number of different packages and new cards to FIFA 17 Ultimate Team hack . Below you will find the mini guide for FIFA 17 and FIFA 17 Ultimate Team , the guide that you are reading will be continuously updated with tips, tips and strategies.


As mentioned above, FIFA 17 offers different types of cards, classified according to their quality and importance taking in the game. The cards Bronze generally indicate the players less skilled, militants in the minor leagues. Their overall maximum is of 64. The cards Silver and for the best cards do generate unlimited coins with fifa 17 coin generator xbox  are used to indicate the most skilled players than the Bronze Age counterparts, and most of the time, among them are hiding of promising youth from discrete technical characteristics. Their overall is between 65 and 74. The cards Gold finally show the best players in the game, often with unique abilities. Their overall is between 75 and 99. Within the packages or the auction is also poissibile find Special cards , issued periodically by EA to celebrate the players who have distinguished themselves with excellent performances during competitive matches.

These 9 tips turn you into the Android 7.0 nougat professional


Since mid-August, Android 7.0 is available for the first nougat smartphones and tablets. Do not betray nine tips on how you can use the key features.

With Android 7.0 Nougat the developers to extend the Android operating system again to numerous new features, but partly not reveal themselves at first glance. With our tips you can get the most out of Android N anyway.

1. Adjust the Quick Settings

The Quick Settings that can be traditionally call by wiping from the top of the screen in Android, you can adjust in Android 7.0 extensively. To do this you simply swiping twice from the top of the screen down until the entire menu is expanded. You should now have the “edit” button to see the bottom right corner. Tap once and already you can move any order of priority the different features in the Quick Settings – or they simply throw out from the menu.

2. Close all apps at once

In many versions of Android that’s a long time and with Android 7.0 is finally possible in stock-Android: In Task Manager you can connect at once finally all apps. Just open to the Task Manager on the square button in the navigation bar, and scroll through all open tasks and apps through. At the top appears a button called “Delete all”, which does just that.

3. Switch between Quick Apps

For multitasking professionals Android 7.0 is a true blessing. It has never been so easy to quickly switch between multiple apps back and forth. So you can switchen anytime in a fraction of a second between the two most recently used apps. All you have to do is just to tap twice on the Task Manager button. Even the smartphone jump to recently used app.

4. use the split-screen mode

In addition to quickly switch between two apps are available in Android 7.0 officially a split screen mode. This is activated by tapping and holding the Task Manager button while you have an app enabled. Immediately shifts the app window in the upper half of the screen while you can now dock in the lower half of a second app. About a slider in the middle of the display can then adjust the size of the two windows.

5. use Quick Reply

With Android 7.0 You finally has the chance to respond to new notifications directly if they pop up or located in the Notification Center. All you have to do is to tap the corresponding button. Immediately then opens a text field and the smartphone keyboard appears. An additional change in the respective app is no longer necessary. iPhone users enjoy a similar comfort from the software version iOS 9.1.

6. tune system UI

The system UI Tuner there has been for Android 6.0, but it is still an often overlooked and underappreciated feature. To find the function in the app “Settings” under the “System UI Tuner”. Here you can customize, including the “status bar” and the “Do Not Disturb” area single standard areas of your smartphone or tablet menus. The advanced notification settings hiding here under the “Miscellaneous”.

7. Manage Notifications

Where we are already doing: The “Advanced notification settings” allow you to do very precisely define how the phone should respond to incoming notifications of certain apps. With this powerful tool you can for example, decide whether a new notification will be displayed in full screen mode or whether only a new icon in the status bar pops up.

8. Activate data saving mode

Who permanently on a tight data volumes is struggling, can take advantage of the new data-saving mode in Android nougat.This prevents the apps on your phone or tablet in the background unnecessarily exchange a lot of data with servers on the Internet. The result is a lower consumption of data volume, but some apps are only updated in this mode, when you are actually used by the user. Of course you can specifically hunt for data eater apps make.

9. Easter Egg: Collect Cats

Easter Eggs have in Android become a tradition . In Android 7.0, Google has again hidden a little funny touch. This time it comes to collect the smartphone or tablet cats. Wait a minute: Cat? Yes, cats!

To activate the Easter Egg, you change in “Settings> About Phone” and tapping there several times in succession on the version of Android. Now appears a blank screen and you have to keep typing at least still until there is a large “N” is displayed.Now it is, tap three times and leave your finger on the display at the third time. Have you done everything right, a small cat’s head appears at the bottom of the screen.

Now you open the quick settings by swiping you from the top of the screen down until the button is displayed for editing. Tap this and scroll down to the bottom, where a new icon named “Android Easter Egg” is displayed. This symbol you can place now in the normal quick settings of your smartphone. It’ll appear as empty plate, on which you can place a favorite food of cats.After some time you will receive from your smartphone or tablet a notification that successfully a cat was attracted. You can give a name to this now.